Sunday, June 26, 2011

Naughty Johnnie

Johnnie-Johnnie, Little John, Johnny Boy! There are many names little Johnnie Walker (aka the Lion-Fox Baby) gets to be called by.

Let me tell you, he´s one heck of a handfull! A funny, cheaky, smart little puppy. Naaaaughty!

It took some wild playin´ before we could even think about fitting him into the plastic tray of the scale we use to weigh the puppies. He looks like an angel, doesn´t he?

Then we went on to the process of deworming him. Unlike his siblings, he actually was quite ok, if stubborn spitting out of the deworming paste and pretending to swollow it, followed by spitting out, can be counted as "ok".

No, I have no pictures of the process. You can imagine why.

But this is what he did after the deworming cure. 

Sweet, huh? Little monster. I see tiny little devil horns sticking out right by his ears. And judging from the twinkles in his eyes, I know what the little brat thought.
Something along these lines: "You force me do somethin´ - You pay!".

Yeah, adorable naughty little brat. Gotta love ´em!

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