Thursday, December 20, 2012

20+ Unique DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Ok folks, I know it´s exactly one week till Christmas, and most of you probably have decorated your house or apartment beautifully from floor to ceiling :)

But for those of you who just didn´t have the time yet, or for some reason can´t seem to get into the Christmas spirit, or maybe would like to do something new this year and need some inspiration, I hope some of these tips will be helpful.

These are some of my most favorite decoration ideas and of course, majority is with the use of natural materials.

Hope you´ll enjoy and get inspired!:

1. Rustic Advent Wreath for your coffee or kitchen table. Very original idea, with the use of those tin cups, moss and cones.

2. Candles in real apples. Very decorative and no fancy decorations and pricey gadgets needed. Just a few tea candles and a few red apples. 
My tip: Polish the apples with a dry cloth or kitchen paper towel first. They will shine beautifully. Make sure you place these on a porcelain or other non-burning material (plate, shallow bowl, board, mat, etc.)

3. Simple, natural and clean table decoration. Very cool and original center piece idea.

Couple more candle decoration ideas:

4. Tea candles in mason jars, natural decoration from cones and different tree branches, you can add some berries, rose buds or anything red that you can still find outside, or that you have picked and dried in the fall. Arrange all in an old rustic box or a new box, painted rustic and old looking.

5. Floating tea candle in mason jar filled wth water, fresh berries and some green leaves or spruce branches. Isn´t it lovely? Could be a great last minute gift as well!

I found couple ideas for decorating those forgotten dark corners of the hallways or rooms:

6. A very old board, washed up on the shore with some white paper stars just like this one makes a simple yet beautiful decoration. You can also stand it next to the fireplace or wood stove.

7. A few slim and tall birch logs arranged with a few decorations in a bucket, flower pot or tall basket, lit up by small lights makes a very charming winter decoration for the corners by the door. It is quite rustic, yet elegant, suitable even for modern interiors and front doors.

Some more candles. I love candles, as you have already noticed :)

8. These cinnamon sticks wrapped around wide candles are an everlasting classic.

9. Totally love this approach. Very refreshing idea, clean, simple and yet quite fancy looking!

10. Very cute decoration for the window that you can make with your kids and family from sticks, branches and other natural things you picked up on a walk in the woods or park with them. 

11. Original decor idea for the window or front door. Tired of wreaths? Let´s make a refreshing change. Perfect for the skating fan.

12. I had to post this photo here one more time. I just couldn´t help it. I am totally in love with the coziness, warmth, cleanness and beauty of this room and set up. Just imagining sitting in the armchair, reading a book, sipping mulled wine, warming myself by the stove, the tree smelling beautifully... Aren´t you? :)

13. Another skating shoes decoration for your door. Red version. Which one of the two do you like more?

14. If you have a handyman around, ask him to cut a nice and even longer log into smaller ones and make these beautiful candles from it. You can place them on your stairs, or in a line, or just piled up together on display, inside or outside.

Jachym, darling, if you are reading this, here is an idea for you if you are still considering making me a hand made present :) P.S. One would be enough :)

15. A typical Scandinavian country interior decor. Plain, clean and yet very warm and cozy. This is what I will try to do with my kitchen window and bench for this Christmas.

16. A simple inspiration for your flower pot decorations. In our household, these are a big issue, as we have loads of flower pots hanging outside, most of them at the kennel and I want the dogs to have a nice and cozy surroundings and living environment, so I´m always on the look up for new ideas. Love the idea with the lights, which is awesome for front doors. And for those of you living in parts of the world where you don´t have spruce or pine or similar trees, these on the picture are actually artificial, so you can just look them up in your store.

17. If I were to pick just one idea from all of these to use this Christmas, it would be definitely this one. I totally love it and on top of that, it´s a very quick and easy project. So if you are out of ideas, out of decorations, all your ornaments have been used for something else and your windows are empty and un-Christmsy, don´t panic. Take walk, pick one thicker branch a few pine or spruce branches to hang across the window. And if you can´t get those, just skip them and go for the stars. 
Make a template of one or two different sizes of a star. Then use the template for cutting as many stars as you desire from plain cardboard. You can use your fantasy and cut some more stars from pure white paper and some from red paper, if you have it. Glue a few of the white and few red starts over some of the cardboard ones, creating three different colors of stars. You can make dots, lines and other patterns on them - red on the cardboard and white ones, white on the red or cardboard ones. You don´t need to search for paint and brushes. I use correction fluid or white nail polish and an ordinary red marker. 

18. Another last minute idea for your windows, which will not cost you a dime.

19. A very beautiful natural kitchen decoration for the Christmas maniac :)

20. Still don´t now what to put infront of your door? Or perhaps you want to refresh the decoration you´ve had since Thanksgiving? Here is one that I like. Again, simple, using only natural "material".

Speaking of front door decorations:

21. Gorgeous, rustic and very classical porch decoration. When I get a porch (or house with a porch, for that matter), this is what I´m doing the very first Christmas!!! :)

22. Very cute snowmen lights from bulbs. Just had to add these when I saw them :) They make me smile every time I look at them. You can visit the website on the picture for more ideas and how to instructions.

23. And one more snowman idea, for those of you who really, really, really run out of time, ideas and material. It could not be any simpler! :)

And that´s it. I could go on and on, because come the season, I do have a tendency to turn into a Christmas decoration maniac :)

So, did you get inspired? Did you find anything useful that you could create to make your home a tad bit cozier and festive this Christmas? I really hope so.

Which ones are you thinking of doing yourself? Or do you have any favorite decor ideas you´d like to share? Let me know. I´d love to hear from you.

And last but not least, don´t forget that preparing for Christmas should be fun! Delegate to others, engage your family. No stress. Promise?



Unknown said...

I hope it is a wonderful Wedding decoration in the year 2013. Thank you for your ideas it will really makes a colorful Christmas celebration in homes at Christmas.

Cuttysark said...

I love your collection of Christmas Decorations , i especially liked the hanging plant. I'm going to make one for my home. Thanks for the inspirations.

Unknown said...

I am so excited for this year's Christmas. We already bought latest Christmas decorations this year and we'd love to set up our Christmas tree the soonest possible time. Thanks for sharing these decorating ideas for the holiday!

Obat Aborsi said...

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Your candle in real apples idea is genius. This would make a great decoration for both Christmas and Thanksgiving! Also, it doesn't sound like it would be very hard to make. However, I'm still trying to decide where I should place them, so they don't burn anything.

Unknown said...

Such gorgeous eye-candy! Love all these Christmas decorations! Thanks for sharing inspiration. I'd love to share some of them on my Pinterest board of christmas table decorations if you won't mind. Cheers!