Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CH Litter - 3 weeks of age

At three weeks, Star and Canuck´s babies are very playful and totally adorable. Their teeth have already come out and the sweat teddy bears will sooon discover this powerful weapon and turn into little monsters :)
They seek contact all the time, cuddle and explore as much as they can.
Every time we have a new litter, I get amazed over and over again, at how fascinatingly fast the puppies grow and develop, and how strong bond can be created between them and humans. A bond that will carry on forever and might even save your life one day when travelling through the wilderness with your dog team.
For now, though, we enjoy the sweetness of these fragile babies, to the fullest!

And here they are, as usual, in order as they were born:

Chignik - a little timid in the beginning.
We nick named him "Shy Boy" as the hero from same titled book by Monty Roberts. He isn´t really shy, but has a few characteristics in common with that wild horse.

This is SO typical Chip. He just has to show his tongue to everyone. What a brat!

Chip (officially Chippewa)
The biggest comedian from the bunch, wildest and craziest, too!

Chilkoot - biggest puppy, with paws of a little bear

Chilko - he will be a red sibe after all!!
Very cool and easy going pup, always smiling.

Chuchinka - "the wolf in the robe of a lamb" :)

Chisana - sweet, adorable and cool, just like her grandpa Buck
If she were to have another name, it would be Charm-Troll :)

Chattanika aka Lucky
Diplomatic, smart, assertive, playful, easy going and unique girl.
She seriously seems to be enjoying life to the absolute fullest!

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