Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Puppy Update: Northern Exposure LItter @ 7 weeks

Another week, antoher puppy update is here. This time very brief, as we are in the process of finishing up all the dog yard building and remodelling projects and I better get out the door soon.

Rizey´s brats have fully adapted to the life outside in the kennel, and enjoy plying in the garden. This week will be their big one - Helena and I will start taking them for short walks in the forrest.

They must be the fatest puppies we´ve ever had, they simply stuff themselves up, which is, of course due to the outdoor living in the cold. Eddie and Joely are basically just big fat meatballs :) Holling is a big, leggy boy and looks quite athletic already in this young age. You can tell Maggie is a girl as she keeps herself in a good shape, never stuffing herself up to the same exted as her brothers :)

So here they are (this time the pics are not as good as there was too little time to play around), at 7 weeks:





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bea's blog said...

...jag vil gjerne har den alle...bare sa söt er de ♥
Hälsningar fra Tyskland ♥