Monday, June 11, 2007


Powered up by two special ladies - Kari and Cher, I marched in the rythm 1-2 , 1-2 through our sleepy village, meeting a fox, several owls and mice, on the way.

I intuitivly chose the album "Believe", without thinking how fast the songs on it are! That sure woke me up into the much needed tempo and mood! :)

Songs like "It´s all or nothing" really power you up and I highly recommend inspirational music to have with you to anyonw who is on a similar mission as me. It really works - it heals your soul, clears and cheers your mind, and motivates.
But my biggest apprishiation belongs to my friend Kari, today above all! It isn´t at all that I needed a power up to keep on going, because I am perhaps lazy or tired, etc.

Today I just, more than any other time, needed the mental support of knowing there´s people out there who who read this journal and who CARE.
Thank you Kari!
And the paparazzi was great again too... :)
It has finally cooled down today too, when I left for the quite fast hike today, it was only 8°C! Yupee! :) If we´re lucky tomorrow around 5:00 am, we should be able to train one dog team then :)

Powered up Katerina


Jáchym said...

Cher is favorite girl of mine!

Jáchym said...

Click here to see the REAL training pictures!

Katerina said...

Jachym, that is AWSOME! I just about peed in my pants :o)
Loved the comments on your blog too.

Can I use the pic and post it here on my blog? People should see that losing weight is fun too!

Thanks for the cheer up!


kari said...

Songs to put on your mp3 player for walking should have an beat per minute of approxiamtely 110-120. That gives a very good and energetic rhythm, but not too fast. Examples are old Madonna songs and disco from the the 80s to mentions some :)

Katerina said...

Thanks for the cool ideas, Kari! I will keep that in mind. I am lucky to like Madonna´s songs from the 80´s as well as some other pop from that time :)
So, what do you think of Cher? I really find the rythm fast enough, but not too much :)


Kari said...

hehe...I remeber we used her song "believe" in an exercise program some years back. Very uplifting! The point with too fast songs, 130-140 beats per minute, is that they shorten your stride if you want to use the rhythm to set your pace. At 160-175 beats per minute you get very good songs to run to :) I love to use music when I exercise - am a nerd at the theme "what-music-is-it-possible-to-exercise-to". Don't use it when I'm out with a cart or sled though :)

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