Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Before I bring on another entry, I should talk a bit about the rules.
I should´ve posted this entry originally on Sunday, so excuse the mixing up of days :)

First of - Sunday. We wanted to do antoher hiking trip somewhere in the surrounding mountians, but to be honest (more about honesty later), we were quite tired after Saturday. The weather was lovely - still very warm, but even more breezy, so our everfighting enemies were gone. It just pulled us towards the water...
So we took Balto and the puppies Chilli and Ginger and went for a swim in Vattudalen, which actually has about 10°C at at the moment :)
All four of us were tough enough to have a swim, the pupps didn´t really want to (and we didn´t force them), but they just wanted to follow me badly, until they couldn´t reach the bottom and swam with quite a talent :)
It was amazing watching them later, when Jachym went for a short walk into the bushes to look for some more moose antlers (see, this spring we found "only" three of them). The puppies were so eager to see him comming back, that they went into the deep water again - it was worth it for them to reunite with "daddy" :) It is very touching, knowing how strong bond one is acutally able to develop with these wonderful creatures, and vice versa.

Anyhow, we went for a visit (here in our part of the world it is a "very special occasion") to our friends Britt Marie and Maria, since we haven´t seen them for several months. We had a light dinner, which I made even lighter for myself, not using the greasy salad dressing and taking only half portion. This evening was the right atmosphere to have that "one sweet day" and I agreed on a small portion of vanilla ice cream and a decaf. coffee :)
I hear some mumbling? Yes, I am serious, and I know what I am doing and have all under control. I will not put myself into struggle for a year or two with a psychologically demanding tests like "no sweats whatsoever, ever, never". That is not my way of thinking and I wanna have fun while I am doing all of this.

I didn´t go for my regular walk on Sunday. It was a pleasure and a bit lazy day, with a swim, a walk with dogs and having a good time with friends.

And now - the rules. I have written my story already, and my plan how and why I´m doing all this. But I also had in mind from the beginning the rules. First I wanted to make it a rule to write an entry every single day. My busy schedule, deviding myself between the work for my company, our dogs, excercising and training myself, and the recent fundrasing projects for the upcomming racing season, just don´t allow me to do everything allways the same way. And while I do work out every day at least in some way, I´m not going to stress myself with the "must" to write about it. But the entries are and will be regular, as it is important for me to reflect all my thoughts and experiences.

Then I thought of a rule to lose a certain weight every week or month, and to walk/run a certain mileage in a certain time frame. I am not going to do that either. For the same reasons as with the sweet day - I am not going to stress and press myself into anything. I know what I want and how to get it and that is absolutly fine with me for the time being.

One "almost a rule" is to not use excuses and the word "BUT" is something you will not read here very often.

Around and around, there is ONE RULE, though and that is:
Be honest to myself.
Be honest to my friends and supporters.
Be honest to my readers.
No matter what the reason for not excercising, breaking my eating habbits, skipping a walk, having a chocolate, drinking a beer is, or whatever else "crime" I may do, you are going to read my open and honest statement about it. And rest asured that until now I have already done so.

So for the rules :)

Time for the "aniversary entry"...


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