Sunday, June 26, 2011

Exploring the Outdoors

The weather had been quite bad lately. Rainy and stormy and we always made an excuse to not move the puppies out permanenty because of that.

So we let them out for their outdoor experience as weather and time allows.

Misa is trying to soak in as much puppy energy and sweetness before she´s leaving in a few days. She´s sure gonna miss her favorite baby princess as she calls JB. And we will surely miss her!

So what you see below is little Jack, just beating Mr.Platypuss to the cup of my morning coffee. Or at least he thinks that he beat him to it, because he doesn´t know that Mr.Platypuss is plush and plush platypusses don´t drink coffee. Not even from the magic cup that reads "Iditarod - Alaska".

Jack believes that drinking from the magic cup will make him grow up big and strong and become Iditarod sled dog one day. Hey, gotta dream big, right, little fella?!!

Little JB is not only pretty and cute and cheaky, but fearless, curious and fast. Gotta have at least one like that in every litter! :)

On an expanded exploring mission the gang opted to follow the leader (and in this case also their mother). Smart little puppies!

And of course, snuggling with their human "dad" isn´t bad either. Aaaah, and what do I see? Dady´s girls JB and Jamie. What´s it with girls and dads anyway? I sure don´t know, I am too busy with my boys..

See? This is a devoted dog handler!! Anyone who wants to work at our kennel - see this! You might have to be doing all kinds of chores, such as - making dandylion wreaths to put around the puppies heads and necks.

Little Jack actually not only looks good in it, but seems to like it too. He´s such a happy-go-lucky boy. Just look at his omnipresent smile!

Jamie reminds me so much of Moomin´s girlfriend Snorkmaiden on this picture. "Look, Moomin, look how pretty I look with my dandylion necklace!".

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