Sunday, June 26, 2011

Moving Outside

The Whiskies moved out into their puppy kennel today. 

I asked them what they thought about it and because they are smart puppies, they told me to take pictures of them for you to see their expressions. 

What smart puppies we have. It turned out to be a great idea and I think you can tell all from their happy little faces.

This is what Jamie thinks.

and what Jameson thinks.

Little Jack says: "Iz good with mom"

This is what Galena has to say. She was honestly the happiest camper of all, about going back to her outdoor life.

 Jack: "like I sayz, iz good, man!"
Honestly, I never see him complain about anything.

Jamie said: "When I can have my toys and my shells and my flowers, AND my Moomin, I´m fine"

Just kidding. She didn´t say that. She doesn´t know who Moomin is. And she doesn´t collect shells. It´s just too tempting, seeing her expression. I think I saw too much Moomin episodes. Sorry about that.

Jack: "Izzzzz gooooood, mon!!!"

Happy campers.

Sleepy, happy campers...

Just look at those cute, tiny puppy feet! Hard to imagine those same feet will cover miles and miles of wilderness trails some day.

Johnnie Boy: "Yup, iz good!"

After playin´ hard session, drinking session, photo session and an afternoon snack, the Whiskies have aproved of their new home. No complaints whatsoever.

Happy Trails!

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