Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Art of Sleeping

There is one thing the puppies are masters at. Well, actually there are more things that puppies master, but one thing they do really great is sleep.

While they can play hard, they can also sleep hard. They can go from the motor mouse mode right into the deep sleep.

Just like that. Click. I guess so many people would wish to master at least partially this ability.
Play hard, chow down food, explore and then pass out, right on spot. In any imaginable or less imaginable possition.

Our puppies often chose the "frog" possition, as you can see. So much for "hip displasia", I´d say! LOL

And if you think that little husky puppies need a cozy nice soft doggy bed, you´re totally wrong. They love to scatter around the kitchen or kennel floor. Or pile on top of each other.

The Whiskies are masters at sleeping on the cold kitchen floor right from the beginning.

Very often just by themselves, like the lone wolves :)

Doesn´t watching them make you sleepy at least tiny bit?! If these pictures don´t help, then I recommend you to read Dr.Brues´s (aka the Sleep Doctor) The Insomnia Blog and his great new book: The Sleep Doctor´s Diet Plan: Lose Weight through Better Sleep.
Seriously, I love Dr.Brues´s tips for good sleep, good health and even weight loss!

Nighty, night!

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