Friday, August 5, 2016

A Few Words About REIKI and Retreiving Lost Dogs

So while we had a little unplanned adventure today, when the Whisky brothers Johnnie and Jameson used an opportunity to take off and roamed the woods, I thought it would be a good moment to share some of my experiences with REIKI Healing.

The boys are safely back home now, after an hour of intensive search and calling, but I know now that the REIKI Energy work had a lot to do with it.
I would like to say a few words about REIKI. Many holistic practitioners seem to look down to it as some sort of new-agey, money making, pseudo therapy. Just because there are people out there who take a course, get their certificate or in case of traditional REIKI school get their diploma and the very same day market themselves as experts and therapists. Yes, I have met those kind of people, still do, but everywhere. In Bach Flower Essence Therapy, and in Herbalism classes, also at different physiotherapy courses and more. There will always be people like that out there. But please, don't discard the method because of that.

So what is REIKI? Both Japanese words, REI means Universe and KI means Energy, similarly to the well known QI, that many of you would know from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Acupressure.
REIKI is Universal Energy - the Energy that surrounds us. The method developed by a Japanese Dr.Mikao Ushui uses special techniques, symbols and affirmations while working with the Energy, focusing on the Energy flow throughout our bodies and on the Chakras.
This healing method has its own protocols and differs from other energy work by following into some extend more strict routines and discipline. Nothing else, nothing more.

One particular aspect I appreciate deeply about practicing REIKI is that it provides protection for both, the giver and the receiver. Protection from transmitting each other's problems, ailments, etc., on one another. I find it particularly important when working with animals, as we often, without meaning it, put our emotions - fear, frustration, anger, negative thoughts, etc. out there. So unless you are perfectly grounded and in a safe environment, it is extremely difficult to not effect each other.
And REIKI, when practiced correctly, allows us to avoid this.

REIKI also taught me about the greater purpose and about considering others who may be directly or in-directly influenced by the Energy work. The Traditional Reiki School I attended over 14 years ago taught us a strict ethical codex and I am forever grateful to my teachers Dr.Zdenek and Lidunka Musil for this life changing opportunity to learn from them.

My first experience "sending and receiving a message" with a lost dog was when one of our huskies Delia, ran away and was gone for 5 days. Having searched every possible place in a radius of about 20 miles, our hopes, resources and energy were simply running low. Being a fresh absolvent of the second level of REIKI, which opens the possibility of so called distance work, I called Zdenek and asked him for guidance. With his help, and in a deep meditation state, I asked Delia to show me where she is. Minutes passed and all I could see was a black void. But after some more time, which seemed like hours, a blurry image started to emerge, as if from a fog. It was a forest, the ground covered in leaves colored brown, trees still with naked branches (it was February in Czech Republic). It was on a bit of a hill and there she was - Delia standing there, with her typical foxy smile, her black eyes shining like two dark crystals. But that was all. No other "message".
Eventually, intuition led me to a place in a forest we've already searched before. It felt familiar. I stood there and called, and there she was, suddenly showing up like a fox out of nowhere. That moment, that image was the exact same one I saw in my REIKI meditation.

Lots of time has passed since then and Delia's spirit has long gone to a different place. I have gained more experience since then and now I know how to "work" more efficiently, how to properly formulate and send out my wishes and intentions.
Today, I specifically asked the dogs to come home safely, without harm and to cause no harm to others involved.
Johnnie and Jameson came home just that way, tired from their adventure and happy to be home, they showed up at the closed dog yard gate, eager to go back into their kennel.

With years of experiencing working with REIKI while searching for runaway or lost dogs (mostly my own), I can more than warmly recommend it.

So as the way I've learned says - thank You Universe, thank you REIKI, thank you Johnnie and Jameson, thank you all involved and thank you Katerina.

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