Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Herbal Calming, Stress and Fear Relieving Preparations

The time of New Year´s celebrations is approaching and for most of our animals it means time of trauma, stress and fear of fireworks, even a possible danger when shocked animals run away in panic and get lost or injured.
One way to support them effectively, and make the experience of New Year celebrations as easy and stress free for them as possible, is the use of all natural, herbal calming, fear and stress relieving preparations.
My little animal apothecary Katerina´s Natural Way offers three preparations, suitable for this kind of situation - the FEAR REMEDY and the RESCUE REMEDY, which are blends of Bach Flower Essences and wild flower essences from my own wild harvest, and the CALMING SPRAY - a blend of herbal infusions, flower essences and selected essential oils, safe for animals.

I am very happy to be receiving feedback from customers from USA, France, Norway, Czech Republic, Germany and other countries, who have already tried these remedies with success and as time allows, will be posting some of their testimonials on my website.
If you would like to try one or more of these preparations for this upcoming New Year ´s celebrations, please order ASAP, as international shipping takes a bit longer. Our general experience is:
Europe: 3-7 business days, USA and other International destinations: 10-14 bd, Norway 2-3 bd, Sweden 1-2 bd.
(Customers from Czech Republic - we do have a Czech e-shop and small stock for your best convenience, check it out at obchod.katerinasnaturalway.com)
SPECIAL OFFER!: We are offering all three products and all their available sizes with a special 15%OFF price until December 12th!
December 13 should be the last day of shipping them to you, if you wish to receive them in time. You can find them in our shop.
If you have any questions about these or my other herbal preparations, please don´t hesitate to contact me here in a message or by email at info@katerinasnaturalway.com
As a small, family, starting business, we are extremely dependent on word of mouth and sharing on social media and with your friends. Our herbal preparations, holistic animal health care and dog nutrition consulting and handcrafts are our sole source of income and we are super thankful for all your business and support.
Thank you!

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