Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Story of the Logo

After what seems like eternity, the long time awaited logo is finally born!

It´s been truly a long process and less long efforts that went into this project, and it´s been a real labor of love, to say the least.
Those of you who know me well, ya´ll probably guessed already how much work, thinking and re-thinking went into this, because I am picky.
Besides that, a logo is not just a picture, it needs to represent me in every aspect - what I stand for, what I believe in, what my work and passion is about. 

But I am even more happy to say, that when, after several some more and some less successful attempts, it was a work and process started and finished by women.
From my great kennel helpers Vinca, who believed in my herbal and dog care knowledge, and then followed by Anna, who really helped me get focused on the company name and logo, after a winter full of health and other various serious problems, that prevented me from proceeding with my business. When a long term kennel assistant Viola became also my business assistant, she was the one who first played around the idea of a husky/wolf head and a herb.
Universe kept providing and sent my way another upbeat young woman - Kelly, who (do you still believe in coincidences?) is a talented graphic designer, and who happens to love dogs and herbal medicine. Yeah, what would a person who does not love dogs and herbs do at our place anyway, right? :)

Kelly captured the essence of the entire thing and added that final touch - the witchy, magical, feminine touch. By the way, I hope you DO SEE the Moon! :)

She also listened to me and understood that for someone of my nature, it is important to put in a few elements - such as my personal wild flower (yes, I am sure you all recognize the Fireweed) and a very special dog of mine (my best lead dog, best friend and the most kick ass cancer fighter on the planet - Tazlina).

Huskies are MY breed. They are WILD and FREE in spirit, and very intelligent and NATURAL. They are also similar to wolves not just in looks but also language and social habits. Wolves are my most favorite species in the entire world. Yes, you are reading correctly - not dogs, but wolves actually. 
Because my work and lifestyle are basically one, and are very complex - helping animals and nature, practicing and recommending natural approach to health care and nutrition of not only dogs, formulating herbal products, writing about nature, living as sustainably as possible and helping people reconnect with nature and animals, with our herbal allies and our roots, it needed to be visible and obvious from the logo.
And I think we did a good job.What do you think?

I am also super excited this was a project that involves women. I am happy it helped Kelly to regain her passion for graphic design (and I can tell you that the world would really miss one talented artist in this field) and I am glad through this work, we were able to connect several women, our passions, our ideas and visions, and even mutually support our businesses.

Thank you again so much ladies! Now, let this baby see the world and help spread the the love!

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