Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Three Months Birthday To The Love Litter!

Oh boy, time certainly does fly by fast. Cora, Finn, Tolly-Rose, Tristan and Nathan (aka the Love Puppies") have celebrated their 3 months "birthday" already!

We didn´t make them any cake, but we do take them for daily walks, in-house play/lear/train sessions, as we call them, and generally spend loads of time with them. Maybe more than with any other previous litters, but that could be our mission to constantly keep improving our own dog care, spend more them with the kids and find more ways to make them generally happier.

Anyhow, here they are, in no particular order of appereance:


Tolly Rose

We still can´t quite figure out weather to call her Tolly or Rose/Rosie. So we call her both :)


Tristan with his new mom Aud Kristin

Tristan moved to a new home with our good, close friends the Björgums. He will have a great life in their pack and home.



Nathan made a super long journey by bus and train, on which he impressed us and his new dad Jörgen by how calmly and bravely he took it. He now resides with his "uncle" Jack (from the Whisky Litter) and other four and two legged family of our dear friends the Pålssons.

And now, off for the celebration with Cora, Finn and Tolly-Rose. I promised them a puppy walk in the remaining snow :)

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