Saturday, June 25, 2011

Four Weeks and First Time Out

Finally the day came to let the puppies experience the great outdoors of our garden.

At first, they all ran to nanny Katerina (aka me) to hide in the safety of my wings, erh, I mean arms.

But soon they smelled whatever it is the wild and free spirits of mini little future sled dogs smell in the air, and started to explore.

Unfortunatelly, the clouds came down and the wind blew in some rain and thunder, so we had to hurry with the photo-sessions, marking the "J" aka "Whisky" litter´s 4 weeks birthday.

In order of apereance (and as they were born) :






and finally the lion-fox baby, aka Johnnie.

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TimberLove said...

Good lookin pups mates!!