Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Story of Six Puppies, One Platypuss and First Solid Food

We just arrived from our annual trip to Czech Republic. One of the first things we did (besides saying hi to every single dog individually, as everyone was having a heart attack seeing us back home and alive - wonder what did Misa and Nardo tell them??! :)), was of course hugging, snuggling, squeezing and cuddling the puppies.

Don´t think even for a second that it stayed at that. Of course, we brought everyone a present. And the puppies got, of course, most of them.

So the very first thing they got was this soft plush ball from Ikea (yes, from the Swedish store Ikea, in Prague. I know..)

But the hit of course became the purple, totally silly looking platypuss. When I saw that platypuss in the store in Prague, I knew that he is going to be the main guy for this litter.
You see, we usually have a main toy for each litter, which is a combination of something very cool and special and something the puppies of that litter think themselves as cool and special. (Yes, the zombie chicken is a very good example of that!).

Anyway, Mr.Platypuss really became the hit around the kitchen. Not sure though, who was more excited about him at first, as Galena immediately stole him. See?

"Mine!", she says.

The next successful thing was the introduction of real, solid food. We brought a stock of Troll Elite Canned Food with us. Perfect for switching the puppies to solid food.

As you can see, the puppies chowed it down without a blink of an eye.

After being introduced to Mr. Platypuss, the ball and the food, they naturally passed out. I wonder what they dreamed of.

And this was their second meal from a larger dish, as they couldn´t fit to the first one I gave them. They dove into it like experienced dogs.

Now that they are 3,5 weeks old and powered by more energy food, we expect them to start playin´ hard. Let the fun begin!

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