Friday, August 27, 2010

To The Best Dog Handler on the Planet

While it seems like it was a few weeks at most, two months have past since Adela arrived and tomorrow we´ll be dropping her off at the airport.

My heart is heavy with that thought and I feel the need to say a few words.

When I went to meet her at the train station in early July, after she spent over 70 hours on the way, we hugged and this young, upbeat girl found a genuine smile in her exhausted face. I knew then things will be good.

Then she entered the kennel and all fifty dogs fell in love with her instantly.

Adela showed not only a natural talent for handling dogs and tending to them, she soon excelled in feeding, harnessing, cleaning, brushing, hiking, but also carpenting, painting, lawn mowing, wood cutting, and basically anything she put her hands on. And with all the hard work here, she managed to smile, spread energy and keep good mood and high spirits. No cabin fever, no teen-age attitude.
She took all the times, the chaos and the hard work of this summer with humor and her own stride, which makes her a unique human being.

With the extremes of this summer, such as building and reconstructing, taking care of guests and guiding tourists, she was the dependable and most needed help to count on and only thank to her, we managed it all without going nuts, but foremost, without sacrifying time with the dogs.

We soon realized Adela became not just the best dog handler one could imagine, but we gained a real friend. The dogs and us will miss her thoroughfully.

Thank you so much for all what you have done for the Kipp d´Amundsen Team! Without your help, we wouldn´t get done half the things we did! The dogs were privilaged to have such wonderful caretaker, and we have found a great new friend.

We will miss you around here, counting the days till you hopefully return back!

You are one of a kind!

Good luck with all your endeavours and dreams - you deserve to fullfill them all!

Katerina, Jachym and the Husky Team of Kipp d´Amundsen Kennels

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