Monday, August 23, 2010

Best Birthday Present

Today is my birthday.

Today, I received the best birthday present.

Not from someone dear, although, do not get me wrong, I did get a number of absolutely wonderful presents, in fact, I almost felt like on Christmas (mabye Jachym´s and Adela´s unique way of wraping the gifts into christmas paper with Santa´s reindeer on it helped that Christmassy impression LOL), as I got so many of them!
A unique cake, baked secretly with the bread early in the morning, so I could not see it, made me feel even more special and loved.

When my dear friend Zdenek, who is here as the leader of a Wellness Week Program with a group of guests, told me the sun that came through the heavy rain clouds, was here for me, as I am the child of sun (being a Leo, strongly tied with the element of fire), I got a very enlightened mood.

All those were wonderful and thoughtful gifts of loving persons. And I once again realized how happy and lucky I am to have them all in my life.

But the best present, my dear folks, that I got for this birthday, was from myself.
I actually thought I was a year older! Adela and Jachym made me realized that I wasn´t thirty six, but thirty five!!! The whole year I´ve been telling everyone, who asked about my age, that I was thirty five, going on thirty six. I simply forgot my own age!

Strange feeling, anyway!

Is it because of the nearly bush existance we are living? The lifestyle we are leading? The partner by my side, the pack of amazing dogs I share my life with, who make me forget about age and think about more important stuff?
I sure don´t know. But I know one thing - I´ll get to be 35 once again for a whole year, starting today!

And that is an awsome feeling, and the best birthday present in a looooong time!

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Anonymous said...

You are hilarious! :))