Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Retirement Announcement

Some of you have seen it comming, some of you may ask why? The fact is, that ANUMATI z Uralu (aka "Mouse") has retired from our main string team.

Last fall, she gave us a beautiful litter of perspective puppies, sired by one of our top dogs Nugget (the "I" litter), out of which we kept Iceman, Inuk, Snorka (Iluq) and Modra (Inuit).

Mouse has perhaps the biggest show acomplishment from all our dogs, from shows all over Europe, including several championship points.

She´s always been there for me, out on the trail, as one of my leaders. She´s probably the smartest dog our kennel ever had, and a special dog overall, in many, many ways.

Mouse has always been much of a companion to us. She´s travelled all over, flew in planes, went for a number of trips, and basically followed us everywhere. I have so many memories of adventures with her, I could just go on and on.

So why would we want to retire this special gal at the age of only 5,5 years?

When my team was attacked by moose back in winter 2006, Mouse was the leader in training then, and was in charge of the team. She was the first dog attacked and without hesitation jumped against the huge animal, bravely hanging on it´s lip. But the cow sent her flying in the air.

Despite Mouse´s and coleader Ziggi´s incredible heroic effort, in which they turned the team and led us back to safety, Mouse actually never got over the traumatic experience.

She was back in the main string the next season, but truth to be told, her performance, drive and desire were not the same. She became a valuable puppy team leader and coach and because she is such a special dog, getting along with cats, able to run loose and simply being very pleasant to have around, we decided to retire her as of this spring.

She definitely does not mind. As a matter of fact - she seems quite victorious!


kernest said...

Mouse may have saved your life that day four years ago. Good for you understanding her needs now. Love her everyday you have her, she may very well be the best dog you ever have.

Katerina said...

Thank you so much for these kind and wise words.

And I know that now my relationship with Mouse just grew to the next level - and I already can´t imagine not having her by my side day and night.