Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Water - From Up and Underneath!

My favourite quote "somewhere along the line we seem to have confused comfort with happiness" perfectly describes not only our lifestyle, but also today´s puppy walk.

Rainy day and deep water puddles from the recently melted snow, all over the trails, did not bother Dasher, Chisana and her kids Alpha, Bravo and Charlie, nor us. Actually, we had probably more fun than ever!

The melted snow creates three large and deep ponds along the trail, which usually stay until late June. They are not just a perfect cool down for the dogs on warmer days, but they are a fabulous training obsticle. It is priceless to see how the puppies aproach the water and how they deal with it. Majority of them love it and the "Phonetic Alphabet" litter is no exception!

Soon they all became water-rats! :)

Dasher - water rat no.1 - water is his element!

Look how pretty the rain drops look, when they hit the water

Bravo climbing out of the deep pond after a nice swim

Clean, still water makes beautiful reflections

Chisana reflecting on the water surface as a wolf :)

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