Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Wild Neighbours

A young couple appeared one cold winter day in Vedjeön. As good neigbours, we offered them some food, but they didn´t want to bother us, so they settled in a discrete distance, but close enough to keep a friendly neighbourly contact.

As the hard and long winter passed, they didn´t move on, but decided to settle down. With the return of spring, they spent more and more time outside their new home in the woods and started exploring their neighbourhood and visiting neighbours.

The dogs greet them every time they pass by on their daily walks around. And not only that. They became so tame, that they seek the company of our little settlement - they lay down in the heat of the day, under the birches on the meadow, overlooking the farm. They don´t panic when we walk around at feeding time, or when we scoop poop. They don´t even bother anymore, when the dogs howl or bark at them.
Even the dogs accepted them and don´t make much fuss anymore.

They´ve been here with us almost a year, and we already can´t imagine them not being here. They are our favourite neigbhours :)

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