Monday, June 2, 2014

Natural Home Made Tick And Insect Repellent: A Favorite In Reprise

The tick, mosquito and other "bug" season is here. Let´s fight them off naturally, without the use of chemicals, harmful to our animals. 

Here is a recipe that works successfully for many pet owners all over the world. Since I have posted this recipe on my blog two years ago, I have received reports of success from all over the world - Czech Republic, Canada, Sweden, USA and other countries. It works tremendously on our dogs to keep mosquitos at bay. One of my readers even tried it on herself and her family successfully. This recipe is totally safe to use even for small pets and puppies. 

Read more about the use and safety in the original blog post here: 

I am also preparing several more posts on natural solutions to (inner and outer) parasite control - stay tuned!

Feel free to SHARE this post or the image with the recipe, so that more animal owners can try this natural and cost effective alternative of "bug" control.

Now let´s all have a pleasant summer! 

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