Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year´s Eve Mushing

As I wrote in the previous post, the last day of 2011 was food for the soul. Sunny, temperatures dropped down to twenty below, and the two and four legged ones had a blast.

Add good food and great company and nothing else can hardly top that.

Before his night run with the main string, Jachym was in the role of a trail breaker (while our snowmobile was still "alive") and photographer. And here´s how he captured the day:

Krtek performing her famous before run dance.

Frostie alias Mr.Hababah

Sparky shows what he thinks about us not taking him for a run with the main string

Not sure what to think of Rapid´s expression...!

And here she goes again - Krtek dancing the "let´s run" dance

Frostie one more time. This photo needed to be posted."Can everyone here me now?! I - want - to - run!"

Young Sherwood, sad he didn´t get to go. Soon, Sherwood, soon, buddy! Once the races are over, we´ll have a blast together, mushing in the spring sun. Promise!

Grayling with his wise expression.

Runner with his not-so-wise expression.

Jörgen in the role of a handler, Denise learning the skills to become a musher one day?

"Auntie Rebecca, can you be faster?!" - Nugget and Grayling being obnoxious as usual on the start.

The otherwise calm and cool dog, Grayling has his "moment" at the start.

Our dogs are friendly. Really.

Really friendly and also very beautiful. Wait a minute! Who sneaked a ware wolf in my team?!!

Finally! The main string is out the gate. The dog yard falls into silence almost instantly. 

Galena and Tazlina in lead, Snowy and Rapid in point, Krtek with Magpie, Rizey, Runner, Nugget, Grayling in team, Goosak and Frostie in wheel.

"Why didn ´t I get to go??!" Comet is not a happy camper.

Jörgen and Maria´s lead dogs Moltas (red) and Hero. Molta´s dady is Magneto and mom is Icey (out of Tazlina x Canuck), and Hero´s dad is Balto. Nice to see our dogs´ "kids and grandkids" working well in other teams!

Misa was her name. And she was (just a little bit) insane! :)

HuggyBear. The dancing runs in the family!

Kipp d´Amundsen 2011/12 super handler crew (aka Rebecca and Steve) in action!

Jörgen´s last instructions before his run. "My last will is in the second top drawer" or something like that. Magneto and Sparky gave a helping paw in wheel of his team.

"Ok, dad, let´s go, shell we?!" -- one of Jörgen´s team dogs, Biscuit, eager to run.

The moon shows up clearly and early on a cold and bright day like this one.

Sun setting upon Steve´s and Jörgen´s teams.

Love, love this series of pictures from the guys´ run.

Modra did an excellent job once again, this time in lead of the "B" team with experienced Ziggi. One of the most exciting dogs from the yearling group.

Happily back home, with grins on their faces

Jörgen´s team arrives.

Now, who says new year´s celebrations are all about drinking and eating??! :)

Happy Trails and Stay Safe!

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