Sunday, January 1, 2012

Food For The Soul

The very last day of the year. Many people spend it thinking about the year that just went by, and what was accomplished, what should be improved, and turn their hopes to the very next day as the symbolic new start of the new year, of the new accomplishments, improvements and pursuits. 

I did spend it in the form and fashion of someone, getting ready for a bunch of long distance races. Keeping to my training schedule. While it may sound boring or difficult to you, don ´t get me wrong!
I was in my right element, I was totally happy to be out with 12 best friends and in what kind of a day!

After months of darkness and weeks of heavy snowfall and warm temperatures, this is how the last day of 2011 looked like - Food for the soul!

Just about to cross a creek. Full speed forward :)

Sorry, this one´s blurry. But I just couldn´t get enough of the sun!

On the official snowmobile trail

Taking a short break during a long climb. Galena (left) and Tazy in lead.

The Svannavattnet lake valley and next range below us, on another climb, this time home-bound. These hilly trails are great for getting the dogs in shape. 

After a 50km run in perfect winter weather, we gave the kids a four hour rest, while we had New Year´s dinner with our good friends Jörgen and Maria with their family, and our super handler couple Steve and Rebecca, before we sent the team out for another 3 hour run with Jachym.

They disappeared into the starry night enthusiastically and arrived back half hour before midnight - just in time to light a bonfire, drink hot wine and welcome the New Year. 

Just a perfect day, memory of which will be the food for my soul for a long, long time!

Happy New Year to you all and Happy Trails!

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