Tuesday, June 28, 2011

While It Lasts

While the weather is cooperative and brings us some cool mornings, we enjoy taking the dogs out for a run almost every day. 

Mixing the youngsters with the experienced is very nice and I can see how fast they are learning from the pros :) I also can see a bit more of their potential as they run in the big 16 dog team and experience different things on the trail. Spring mushing is definitely about the yearlings.

But while saying that, I would like to express what I feel when I work and communicate with the dogs that were the core of my racing team this past winter. It is very hard to explain, though. We became closer than ever. We experienced snowstorms and bad weather, and trailbreaking, moon lit runs, overflow, exhausting all day-all night lasting trips, camping out, I´ve massaged their sore wrists, half asleep at a camping spot, cooked soup for them by melting snow in the trail cooker, snuggled on a bunk bed of a cabin shelter. We experienced scratching from a race, and beating a few alaskan husky teams on another one, a forty bellow sprint to the finish line in second place, we helped other teams out in the mountains in a wind storm. The bond created becomes magical. And unbreakable. And I feel almost sad that this intesity has come to an end for this season. 
All the dogs are mixed together in two different teams we take out for as long run as weather and their condition allows. And I keep thinking already of the next season. Because this kind of experience is one of the biggest wealth in my life.

But for now, it is around 30 furry kids to work with, to bond and prepare for the upcomming fall and winter. 

So while the weather lasts, let´s rock and roll down the trails!

Rapid checking out how we prepare the after training drink.

 Watering the team with our special after training drink upon arrival.

Good dogs!

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