Monday, June 27, 2011

My Sixteen Mates, Face to Face

People post pictures of their dog teams and that is what you will most often get, when you visit a dog musher´s blog.

But I like to show the guys not just in action, but sort of "face to face", so you can see their happy faces, either during a break on the trail, or once we´ve arrived home.

For certain reason, you won´t see many individual shots of the dogs prior a run. It´s simple. You won´t most likely even recognize their faces. It would look somewhat like those of Bravo in this post.

So, let´s meet face to face with my today´s team:

Leaders. Tazlina and Rapid, grinning from ear to ear. Even if they are standing in a huge puddle of melted snow. Or maybe because of that :)

Just grinning.

On today´s run, I combined some of the main string racing dogs, with some more and less experienced dogs. Here is Huggy Bear (right) with Lucky, who is a yearling.

Say hi: Runner (right) and Nitro. Two happy-go-lucky boys.

Half brothers Sparky (left) and Nugget. I know, Nugget is not playing the face to face game. Sorry about that.

Chilli (right) and Goosak. Goosak is a sibling of Nugget and as you can see, whatever his bro is up to, he can´t stay behind. So much for the face to face intro. It´s really not that easy with these guys, they have their own (and very strong) minds. True personalities.

Hawky (left) and Frostie. I have to defend good ole Frostie here. The sun was shining into his eyes. Right, Frostie?!

Misa (the scary lookin´ dog on the left) and Star. No wonder Star turned her head away. I would too.

Mommy´s smiley girl! Meet Snowy. And to her right is one of the yearling stars Chisana. Look for big things from her in the future. I am not kidding this time.

Rizing superstar Rapid. Another sweet, smiley dog and such an incredible character. Not mentioning her working abilities.

And that´s about it for today. Sorry I don´t have any crazy or scary or heroic stories to share. Just the love of dogs.

Happy Trails!

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