Monday, June 27, 2011

When You Say: Spring Clean Up

The weather has been good lately, sun and wind helping with the drying of all the melted snow. Just perfect time for spring clean up.

Our spring cleaning is far, far from washing windows and throwing away old stuff and such things. We are kind of "beyond" that. Around here, everything pretty much evolves around the dogs.

Anyway, what have we been up to lately. Let me think. Yes, I got sick. Actually, Jachym got sick and I got sicker. It turned out to be a nasty stomach bug. No pictures of that. Hope you are glad about that. You should be!

So while I was sick, suffering in my bed and watching Desperate Housewives and the last season of my favorite Cold Case, the guys (Misa, Jachym and Nardo) did the first portion of the kennel spring clean up. 
Which involves also high preassure water cleaning of the kennels. (See up).

Jachym and Nardo also built the last three new roofs in the puppy kennels and we just have to wait for some real nice sunny and windy day and find the time to paint all nice and red.

I am not sure if Magpie was supervising or just being in the way, but she sure got her attention and ended up with Misa´s hat. She looks like a Russian czarevna. Not Misa, Magpie.

Nope, this is not a new doggy swimming pool we´ve been building. This is a huge, deep, enormous puddle of melted snow, which is there because this is the lowest spot in the dog yard and water runs in that spot every time we have a heavy rain or spring breakup. 

We raked gazillions of straw from the dog lots and kennels and collect it all on this pile, which creates a cute little island in the middle of the puddle. Now, isn´t that pretty? No, it´s not, actually!

We also finally started working on the dog kitchen again. The guys insulated the ceiling in the freezer room (hallelujah!) and now we are waiting for the floor mat guy, who typically has no time for us for the next century  or so.

Speaking of the dog kitchen, it´s comming along real well, don´t you think? 
I am not sure what to read from Nardo´s expression here, but sure thing is that he did build some shelfs in there and it all looks real nice. Gotta take some pictures of it later.

This is me, cutting some floor mat. Let me tell you, I wouldn´t wanna be putting that mat in the entire room. We´ll really have to wait another century for the floor guy!

See? I wasn´t kidding. Nardo did make some nice shelves in the dog kitchen, inspected by Misa :)

Oops. Don´t know how this got here. It shows the hard life of a dog handler and dog musher and anyone who lives remote in the woods and has to work hard to earn one´s bread. 
Hey, we gotta practice shooting to be able to protect the household from bears and such! Ok, you didn´t buy that, did you?.

And finally, the real messanger of spring - the Bucket Day!

Bucket Day means a lot of things and to us, it´s like an official day that we think should definitely be consdered to be put in the calendar. It would be called something like "International Bucket Day".
Bucket Day (you see, I even write it with capital letters!) is a day that ends the early morning feeding slavery and brings color to the dog yard. It also brings aditional work of refilling the dogs´ water and socializing with the dogs in a different way.

So this is roughly the idea of a typical spring clean up over here.

Be safe and happy trails!

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