Monday, June 27, 2011

The Easter Bunny Cookie Idea

The Easter Bunny Cookie idea came with our urge to bake something typical for the Easter holidays. Something that would be simple and we had no desire to look for new recipes.

This brilliant idea is actually Jachym´s, so all credits to him. It´s always the idea, that counts.

What he did was the simpliest thing - he used the recipe for traditional christmas cookies and cut them with a bunny cookie cutter. I know, nothing to win a nobel prize, but a fast, tasty and decorative. 

I even hung a few on the birch branches that I decorate the house with every spring.

Wtih a cup of nice hot tea, eaten outside while the sun is shining, they were extra good! 

And we even made a chocolate version, by adding a few spoons of coacoa in the batter. Yummy!

Let me know if you´d like to have the recipe, I can post it if anyone´s interested.

Happy Trails...,erh...I mean Happy Easter!

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