Monday, June 27, 2011

Frosty Morning

April 23d. We´ve had lovely sunny days lately and even some pretty warm mornings. But not today. Just have a look!

This is what I found on the ATV this morning, before going to run dogs. It was nice and cold!

So today´s team was another blend of veteran dogs with some rookies and yearlings. Actually, we had a lot of young dogs on this team. Good thing I tend to follow my gut feeling and took Jachym along.

Actually, the mostly young team of 16 dogs ran pretty smoothly and nicely lined up. Here we are, buzzing through Vedjeon. We even met a few folks, standing outside their houses, waving at us. They came for the Easter holidays and it was nice and warming as usual, to meet our neighbours, only if they are here just a few days here and there. We waved our good mornings to them as the young team passed neatly by.

We stopped for our obligatory ditch drink and bath. Here are Joey and Granite, taking a sip.

Today´s leaders were Ziggi and Skittles and they did a real nice job.

Up in the woods by Flykojan cabin, most of the puddles and ditches had a layer of ice, which looked really beautiful in the morning sun.

The Flykojan creek can be heared when you get near, but this time it was a roaring, rushing stream, which was very tempting to take pictures of, so we used this spot for one of the watering breaks today.

We hopped over the fallen spruce again, and the yearlings didn´t make any fuss about it.

Up by the Spjutviken lake cabin, which is the halfway point of this 13km loop, was still a lot of snow. Wet and mushy, it was a perfect spot for the dogs´ favorite cool off roll. We stayed for a few minutes to praize each dog thoroughully and to catch a few sun rays and get some color in our faces. What a nice difference this is from busy race training.

Boogie down the hill is my team´s favorite entertainment. This piece of forrest is just 500m from the kennel and the speed the dogs develop over here, even against a pretty low gear, is amazing. 

And commin´ home!

It was a good run, although a bit warm toward the end.

Off to have some lunch.

Happy Trails!

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