Friday, April 1, 2011

Alpha, Bravo and Charlie´s Prolonged Childhood

Finally the Phoenetic Alphabet litter (Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Kipp d´Amundsen) got to go out and pull sleds.

You see, there was a whole story behind why these guys were not out yet during this past winter, besides our usual lack of time.

When we first harnessed the three rascals in October, it took some very strong nerves from two experienced mushers to get these three puppies to do what ever they have genetically coded in their husky brains.
That 1 mile run with a training cart was a living hell back then, although I have to say Bravo kept actually going forward and Alpha, when she was rehooked in wheel, also figured out which direction to go. Charlie was - let´s be honest, the worst psycho case of a dog I´ve seen in my 20 years experience of mushing and training dogs.
We simply decided the kids were nowhere near ready to be sled dogs and I gave them the winter to mature.

So today (how ironic, that it was April Fools Day), we found the courage to try again.

And we were not just surprised. Our jaws simply dropped. For in the teams infront of our sleds, worked three awesome, driven and totally focused young little sled dogs.

What I noticed about them:

Charlie was a speed bomb. Very fluently moving. And she´s got some brains!

Alpha worked her little heart off. Driven and totally focussed. Reminds me a lot of her grandma Star.

And Bravo, well, all I could tell him at the end was "bravo, Bravo!". Powerful and all business.

Some kids need more play time, I guess. They deserve their childhood and if they wanna have it a bit longer, so be it. My parents gave me a year prolongation to entering the first grade. And I sure turned out to be a musher after all! :)

Pictures from the run in the next post to follow (above).

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