Friday, April 1, 2011

If You Think It´s Easy...

... let me convince you otherwise...

Here´s how it looks like before you get a nice shot of a dog (ok, not just any dog, but mostly the youngsters!).

This was my attempt to finally get some pictures taken of Bravo.

Indeed, I did get some pictures taken. Like this one.

Nooo, I don´t want to have picture taken!

And this one.

I deleted a whole series that came after this.

Weehaaawow, I will not have a picture taken!

This was the most decent photo I could come up with. Bravo´s expression says it all: "screw you. take your damn picture and leave me alone".

Next time you ask for updated pictures of the dogs, please bear in mind what I´m going through! :) I honestly try my best.

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