Monday, March 14, 2011

Lots of Sun, Sisters in Lead, Lovely Run

We´re back from the Polardistans race and this is the first run we took with the main string team since coming home.

My team speeding over the snowmobile trail

The weather is just marvelous! Sunny, cold nights, fast trails, dogs enjoy every bit of it and we just grin. It´s very peaceful, knowing there are no more "miles" and training goals to catch, just enjoying the moments, taking as long as we need.

We are back to switching dogs within the two teams and we variate the number of dogs in each team, as well as play around with some new leader combinations.

On today´s run, we had two "sister" pairs leading the teams: Jachym´s team (above) was lead by the dynamic sister duo of Krtek and Snowy (out of Tazlina x Canuck). While Snowy is the speedy motor mouse, Krtek is the quieter, calmer consistent worker. They seem to do really well together.

My team was lead by half sisters Tazlina and Skittles. They share the same mom (Alaskan´s Olena of Andayr) and the same evil genes, same drive, determination, speed, intelligence and overall "awesomeness" :)

They did beautifully together, which is in a way a surprise, as both (and especially Taz) are not really easy to run beside in lead. They simply think a bit too much of themselves and Tazlina´s hobby is to harass her running partners, so there are very few dogs who are actually willing to run with her in lead. Thankfully, patient and assertive Galena (our best and most trustworthy leader) can handle both of these "witches" without a blink of an eye.
So it´s really good that these two are compatible and - well, between you and I - they deserve each other. :)

Tazlina showing she´s THE ONLY ONE on Earth, while Skittles says "yeah, really?!"...

.. and adds: "Or maybe I am, he!" while Taz turns away and mumbles: "Yeah, whatever, you silly pup!"

But Skittles knows better. And she uses the opportunity to get her picture taken, so everyone can see how pretty she is. Geez, these girls have confidence! A bit narcistic, if you ask me! :)

After the girls had their photo session and the rest of the dogs rolled in the snow to cool off, we headed to the hills, where beautiful scenery opened up. Pity the snowy peaks of the bare mountains of the Hotagen Nature Reserve are not visible in the picture, taken by my cell phone.

Lovely day in the best company of my beloved dogs, my beloved partner and some of my most favorite landscape.

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