Wednesday, March 9, 2011


post by Nardo Drouven

We're now in Sweden for about a week, and we are totally settled and getting a working routine here at Nordic Husky farm. The people are nice, the dogs are cute, the work is good, so all is well :-) Im just kinda tired in the evenings, but well...
Now we are alone at the farm since Sunday and will be till tomorrow, for Katerina&Jachym, the owners were off to a race.
The routine here is quite similar to the Finnish farm, but at the same time it is quite different... first of all, the dogs are very different, they are all pure siberian huskies(except 1 Malamut), so all fluffy with pointy ears. The feeding here is different, here we prepare the food ourselves, and the food here is a lot more complicated than at Kolmiloukko. Here there they add meat and a few supplements to the food, and two dogs get different dry food also, wheat free, he is a gluten-free dog :-p... also the poopscooping is different here, we have different tools, and the dogs shit differently...

I am kind of "disappointed" about the weather in Sweden, but that is probly due to my expectations... and the awesome weather we had in Finland... here it is warm, too warm... which makes it icy and slippery.... during the day it is often already above zero... which for my standards now is ridiculous, and makes us sweat a lot during the feeding... time to change our clothes.... but just today it started snowing a lot and the temperature is going down a bit again... so maybe tere will still be some winter....:-) A bit of snow is good, for we will hopefully soon go sledding with the youngsters! :-)

Another big difference here is that we live in the house and have three house dogs and three house cats, very nice! sometimes they are extremely cuddly and they are all already very used to us :-) Sometimes when I come back in, the minute I sit down, there is a cat jumping on my lap, makes you feel very welcome ;-)

I'm gonna go again, getting a bit sleepy.. it will be also time soon to take the doggies out for a last pee&poo before bed....

love&hugs from Vedjëon!

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