Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hallingen Løpet 2011, day 1

This time it is me writing the entry, as Katerina disappeared into the mountains at 11:20pm tonight.

We have arrived yesterday night, around 10pm, after never ending drive through Norwegian mountains (whole country "is mountains"). We drove the steep road from the valley up the steepest mountain and arrived after 15hrs of driving to the parking place by Ranten Hotel. We had to check race's website, if this was really the right place. Luckily photos on the website matched the building, so we knew, that we made it and arrived at time and even landed on the right mountain - otherwise there were no signs of dogs or even people. We've expected some organizers, but nothing and nobody was here. Before midnight all the dogs were fed, rested and did their last toilet for the day and we fell asleep.

Ranten Hotel

Packing the sled

Checkpoint area

In the morning, there were no signs of any activity outside, first car with sled on the roof came around 11am and later even organizers arrived and started marking parking spots, with bib numbers sprayed on the ground. We've missed our spot by one meter, which was quite unexpected achievement.

Volunteers holding the team

On the start line


One day holiday begins :)

The day went by, packing, eating, taking dogs out, sleeping, etc. The night start went well, no dogs ran away, got stuck in other teams, etc. and with help of volunteers I helped Katerina to the start line.

 I should go the the bed, because if they make the first 80km loop fast, I have to be in supply-deport very early in the morning. So I'll throw some photos and leave. Oh no, I have to wash dishes from the dinner. Have to run!



Ivana said...

We know she is out of Sorestol right know and cross all fingers! Ivana

Katerina said...

OMG, poor little Ziggi looks like an ugly little alaskan here!