Saturday, May 22, 2010

Water Dogs - Part II

Since we have a lot of rain lately (or let me rephrase it: since not a day goes by without rain here), the dogs have extended waterworld fun every day.

Cooper, Dasher, Chisana and her pups Alpha, Bravo and Charlie have already become one with this element and I have a feeling they will start growing swimming membranes between their toes very soon.

Her Royality Mouse has now finally decided to put up with the "little dog insects" (as she calls Chisana´s puppies) and join us on the daily walks. I was actually surprised to see her enjoying the water as much as the "kids".


Dasher - the most crazy guy when it comes to water

Mouse - going beyond the "knee depth"

Chisana - this little happy-go-lucky sunshine enjoys herself thoroughfully

Dasher the splasher! :)

Cooper explores the pond
(what you see on pictures above is just a puddle actually!)

Charlie studying the pond, before daring to jump in

Mr.Water-Rat Dasher :)

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