Friday, May 21, 2010

Moments That Matter

No matter what the season is, what time of the day or what the weather, Mother nature always offers us some beauty. It is solely up to us, if we see it, enjoy it and treasure it.

Every single day has a beautiful moment or more. Those are the moments that matter, that softly touch our souls and enrich our lives.

The mighty Vattudalen´s waters seem to rest calmly after sunset

An old sign of once a busy village, on the rocks

pieces of wood, washed out in the shallow water

Bones and tooth found on the beach

Remains of snow in a nearby pond

Perhaps the very last snow picture of this spring

One of dozens of Vattudalen´s islands, which will soon be unaccessable, as the Baagede dam will rise the water levels during the summer time.

And tomorrow, the world will wake up and look totally different! One thing is sure - there will be lots of new beauty to enjoy in it!

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