Sunday, May 30, 2010

Precious Time

Every time, every day, spent with my dogs teaches me new things, makes me realize how lucky I am to have a life like this, and makes me a better person.

Every time spent with the puppies and young dogs makes us bond forever,

every time spent with the adult dogs reminds me how trustworthy, wonderful and depandable friends I´ve got,

and every moment spent with the seniors teaches me a lesson of love, understanding and appreciation.

Left to right: sisters Modra and Snorka, 14 years old Coryuk

14,5 years old Cheyenne snuggles

"Mom I love you" kiss and hug from Inuk, Dasher stays close by not to miss his moment

Just like his dad Nugget, Inuk is a very "human oriented" guy and big mama´s boy!

Having a chat with Cheyenne - the oldest member of our pack

Dasher grinning - now it´s his moment

Little Maggie talks with her ears

Maggie´s brother Joey is the most human oriented dog we have.
He is sometimes unbearable. Gluestick combined with velcro :)

Lucky. I never show them, but my heart does have favourites...

Soul Mates - yes, this is Buck

Iceman can be a rough guy, but he melts in the arms :)

Rizey the shrimp. The word super-friendliness was invented by someone who has met her!

I adore my dogs.

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