Monday, April 5, 2010

The story of naughty Chip

Chip and his sister Lucky are enjoying the attention in form of various activities, but mainly pulling a dog sled, enormously.

They are truely among the most talented pups we´ve ever ran in this age. Natural talents, easy learning and very enthusiastic and driven.

But we know that no dog is perfect. Inherriting the "mischevious gene" from his mom Star, Chip has a habbit of poking into other dogs and making evil fun, not very apreshiated by the other dogs, nor us.

Here he is provoking Nugget and Maya.

This is a typical "Star behaviour" - pushing the team mate off the trail.

The only place where he minds his own business is in wheel.

And as you can see, he is very powerful and driven. This position suits him well. At least for the time being. I think the dogs will have a sigh of relief, when he grows up from the mischevious teen age :)

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