Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A short visit in the time and land of spring

Spring is here! Officially, astronomically, it came this past Saturday. But can one really call it spring, when living up north, where snow covers the ground and temperatures still drop lower than -10°C at night?

Not entirely. But I anyway managed to feel, touch and smell spring. The real spring, which welcomes everyone and everything to a new birth and the start of a new circle of life.

I made a trip to Prague for a week and witnessed these beautiful, fragile but sure confident messangers of spring. And herewith I am sharing them with you.

While I was enjoying myself taking these photographs on Sunday, I thought for myself, how lucky I am. I will actually get to see spring twice this year :)

First tiny, little daisy.


Some more snowdrops, including this special kind:

I love snowdrops!

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Ivana said...

Spring is definitly here!!! Wonderful spring. After a long and cold winter we can enjoy first sunshines and first flowers and our dear DAUGHTER who came to visit us!!! mom and dad