Sunday, March 7, 2010

POLARDISTANS 2010 -- follow it on it´s new blog!

Tomorrow starts POLARDISTANS 2010 - my favourite (mid)distance race.
The race has two different lenghts - 300km (around 200 miles) and 160km (100 miles) and two different categories - 6-8dogs, 9-12 dogs and the Scandinavian favourite nordic style (with pulka).

I ran it in 2008 with my six buddies - Tazlina, Balto, Ziggi, Magpie, Misa and Frostie, after our kennel was hit hard with a kennel cough during the most important training period and destroyed a lot of our plans, and left us with just a few dogs who recovered in time to try at least some race. These amazing six friends pulled the team bravely through bad weather and made my first Polardistans race an unforgetable experience.

You can read the story of our 2008 race here.

While I look forward to running it again enormously, hopefully next season, I will be following the 2010 race on it´s newly started blog.

Team Kipp d´Amundsen wishes good luck to all the teams, and especially to our two good friends and mushing buddies Ola Lindgren from Sweden (dad of Icey Blizzard Kipp d´Amundsen) and Haagen Bjorgum from Norway, who´s kennel is home to two Kipp d´Amundsen dogs - Hill Striker and Chuchinka. Have a great race guys!

Katerina and Team (glued to the computer screen for the next few days :))

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