Monday, January 4, 2010

Wake Up Call!

Yes, my blog is devoted to my life with sled dogs, the adventures of living in the woods, abut the rugged outdoorsy lifestyle, etc.

You may think, and actually be right, that it is not a political blog and that I usually only voice my opinons about things revolving with my life with huskies and mushing. In general. But those of you who follow this blog for a while now, got to know me a bit. And those of you, who didn´t, here is another side of me, you are yet to meet.

I don´t consider myself any huge activist, but as a matter of fact, I am a huge conservationalist.

Some of our friends, visiting our household do not quite understand the way we do things here - from sorting out of the trash, to the way we wash dishes, the way we shop and what kind of things we buy, etc., etc. Although, I believe these are normal, common practices of someone who cares about the environment.

But onto the topic of this post. This year I didn´t think of any extra special new year´s resolution. I didn´t wanna promise myself all those huge changes I will do, improvements, victories, etc. Until I came across a great resolution, on a friend´s Facebook page. It said: "This year, I challenge you to be yourself".

And that is exactly what I feel I wanna do. Just be myself for once, without caring what others may think. Those who mind, don´t matter, and those who matter don´t mind.

And here I come back to the topic of my today´s post. After the two past days, during which over 12500 hunters went out and killed 25 out of 27 alowed wolves, as a result of Swedish government´s legalized slaughter, I felt becomming myself more, than ever.

I went on and joined a bunch of groups against this horrible act. I signed petitions and wrote many many comments in the hot discussions that go on. I´ve also seen dozens of photos of slaughtered wolves, some of them pictured still alive, dieing slowly in pain and agony. Pictures of wolf puppies in puddles of blood. Pictures that will haunt me in my sleep for a long, long time.

I feel like myself again, feeling the purpose to shout at our human race to WAKE UP!

Wolves belong to the endangered species. There is less than 300 of them in the whole large, underpopulated country of Sweden. Yet, the decision makers have come up with a quoata, that needs to be liquidated this year. And the minister of environment already said today to the press, that they already plan to do so next year as well.

I am totally disapointed in this brutal act of Sweden. A country I always thought cared for the environment. A country, which considered itself among the leaders in questions of conservation.

And therefore, being myself more than ever, I urge you, I urge us all, to take an action. To step out of the silence. We are the voters, we are the world. We can make the difference. Our voices are important. Every single one counts. Wake up people, and don´t act as if didn´t concern you!

Here is a link to a few interesting resources, with the link to the petition site, I urge you to read and sign (it is in English):
NOTE: As more new groups, websites, blogs, petitions sites and information is created, I will be updating this list of links as much as possible. All the new links will be marked with the red prefix "NEW!".
  • Lat Vargen Leva (Let Wolves Live) - protest list to the Swedish ministry of environment - print it out and gather as many signatures as you can, also other petition ideas, contacts to government officials and more -- NEW!
  • Svenska Rovdjurforeningen - Swedish Wildlife Association - scientific articles based on facts, official petition lists that will be presented to the government through this strong organisation
  • Protect the Scandinavian Wolf - (Våga Värna Varg) -- To restore, protect and preserve the Scandinavian wolf - large Facebook group, with lots of action
  • Vargens Tid - A blog which covers all of the topic of wolf hunting in Sweden - great articles!

Tonight, I will cuddle with my dogs and puppies a bit tighter than ever. Thinking of the wolves out there in the cold, waiting for their brutal deaths. I will pray for each and every one of these children of nature, and their spirits. And I will also pray for the government to come to common sense. I will send out a prayer for everyone to stop and think what we can do to make the world a better place. And I will simply be myself.


Kerstin said...

Jag tänder ljus och gråter för dom
underbara vargar som brutalt fått sluta sina dagar.Må det bli slut på denna slakt!!

Anonymous said...

I Totally agree with U!
My heart is also bleeding when I see all the pictures of slaugthered wulfs. It is a shame!
I am also writing to everyone, to the papers, the ministry and so on. I have a need to do something.
Regards, Susanne Vävare

Katerina said...

Thank you Susanne! It feels good to do something and it feels even better to know that there are many of us who think likewise!

Yes, let´s keep fighting! It´s the only way to progress.