Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Musher´s Year

The last day of the year is here. One can´t keep themselves from thinking where did the 365 days go, how were they spent, what was acomplished and where the failures were made.

And in the middle of my thoughts, as I am working on arranging for our company tonight, I find myself thinking of the good and bad, feel all the victories, the regrets and try to summarize and process it all in my brain.

The last day of the year. The doorstep between an end and a whole new beginning. And in this philosophical momentum, I recieved an email from a friend of mine. And the simplicity of his words just struck me. So I would like to share them here with you. You - mushers, dog people, animal lovers, but also those of you who follow the life of a musher online, through strories and experiences told.

"Here life consists only of three things:", my friend wrote.

1) The puppies

2) Training dogs

3) Occasionally going to work (and thereby getting money for item 1) and 2).

The beauty of this short, funny, but precise statement is beyond further explaining.

The year may be ending. It might very well be the last day of 2009 and in just a few hours, the date worldwide will change to 2010. We might be full of new hopes, ambitions, promises, new beginnings. As much as it can be a bad year for someone. But for us, mushers, life will go on and consist of those three things. And that is the consistence, the knowing of what your day will be like when you wake up every morning, something that will keep you going, even if you´re down. The circle of musher´s life.

Happy New Year to all of you, and may your trails lead you to happiness it´s every single day.


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