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Partnership Program and Support for Our Huskies - Crisis Relief Fundraiser 2020


If you have landed at this space, you are most likely a friend, family member, one of our past guests, kennel helpers or just an admirer of Siberan huskies, dog mushing, the Great North, herbs, nature or, just like us, a little bit of each! :)

Those of you who know us for some time know how much we love, care for and adore our husky family and how difficult it actually is for us to write these lines, reaching out for help.

If you landed at this space, you also most likely know or remember, that our main means of supporting our life with the dogs in the wild north is via sharing and guiding you through our world, in the company of our huskies on various nature adventures and tours, and offering a tranquil place for you to unwind, recharge and perhaps also reconnect, at our cozy rustic little cabin.
And this part of our livelihood has taken a hard hit since early March 2020 as a result of the travel restrictions and bans applied globally in response to a fast spreading virus.

February, March and April are our strongest months in terms of sled dog tours, while the time between June and August are the strong summer activity, cabin rental and summer café ones. 

We have also received cancellations from our international guests for most of the summer bookings.

While we both are hard working survivors who always seek solutions and see opportunities in challenging situations, as well as we are not used to asking for help for ourselves, this situation is serious and difficult enough for us to have no other option than to reach out for your help.

And while we work around the clock to refocus and shift some of our little family business areas and find solutions for the future, and believe that everything will be fine at the end, we do need your support now.
But because it is extremely difficult for us to be asking you for just plain donations, we have come up with an offer of an interactive Partnership Program, where you get some fun and value in return, and where we feel we can still, in some way, keep inspiring you and spreading joy of the life with dogs in the wild nature of the North.

::  P A R T N E R S H I P   P R O G R A M  ::

Via our partnership program you can choose a specific dog (or dogs) you want to support.
We have divided the partnership levels to three groups, based on the dogs´s needs, and you can choose from three different lengths of time for your partnership.

While our kennel website is terribly outdated and even this blog suffers a serious lack of updates (sorry, the lack of time for computer work is real!), we have exciting news that we will be re-introducing our entire pack both on the blog and on our social media (FB and Instagram)!

So if you don´t have a specific pack member you´d like to support in mind, you can see via these upcoming virtual introductions who wins your heart :)

The partnership program focuses on covering each of the dog´s food, supplements, bedding and tiny little saving towards their MEDICAL-FUND as we call the veterinary care account we keep for all our huskies and cats too!

The three levels of partnership are:

T H E   A T H L E T E S 

All the adult pack members, in active age, regardless of which level of activity or performance they are currently at. 
Each dog can be exclusively supported only by one partner!

Support for 1 month:  150SEK (€15)
Support for 3 months: 450SEK (€45)
Support for 6 months: 900SEK (€90)

C A N I N E   S E N I O R   C I T I Z E N S

All the retired and senior pack members receive special individually composed nutrition, supplements for aging body support and some of them also medicine.
Each of our goldies oldies can be exclusively supported only by one partner!

Support for 1 month:  250SEK (€25)
Support for 3 months: 750SEK (€75)
Support for 6 months: 1500EK (€150)

F U T U R E   S T A R S

Currently we have been blessed with a new generation of miracles, who will carry on the legacy of our amazing dogs, some of which have already passed to the other side.

The five little munchkins are the future of our kennel and team and they are just so much fun that we have decided to document and live-stream their life and development and share it exclusively with all our partners!

This support level is for all the puppies, not individually, and will cover their food and supplements which need to be highly varied and rich in all the essential nutrients for proper growth and development. 

We welcome multiple partners to support the future stars!

Support for 1 month:  200EK (€20)
Support for 3 months: 600SEK (€60)

The puppies are already so involved in the Puppy-Garden project that they took a pen and paper and started writing their ideas down. Mr.LionHeart was voted the head chairman and sneaked onto the keyboard while I was not paying attention. 
Here´s what they came up with and wanted to let you know: nbhvcdferswx
If you can decode it, please let us know!


When you become a Kipp d´Amundsen Kennels and Nordic Husky Farm partner, you will be automtically invited to join our exclusive Facebook group.
In the group we will be posting exclusive content such as videos, photos, dog profiles and once a week a LIVE-STREAM right from the kennel where you will have a chance for Q and A.
Part of the live stream and other videos will be the PUPPY-GARDEN - the live hang out with the puppies!

We have also prepared some unique small gifts, but we will not disclose anything about them here as they will be a little surprise (announced in the group) here and there ;-)

As a long term partner (6 months and longer, if you would wish to extend) you will also have a chance to visit our kennel and farm, and do a short dog sled or cart tour, when it is possible again to travel.


You can choose either Paypal or SWISH (Swedish payment system) - both are secure methods.

With PayPal payments, please do sent them as "friends and family" because this is a form of a donation, not our business.

When you send your payment, please write as a message the name of the dog you would like to support, or future stars in case you choose to support the puppies.

Important note! Please do send us a PM on Facebook or Instagram, or email us your facebook name and contact so that we can add you to the Partnership program FB group!

(mottagare: Jachym Lukes)


Other ways how you can support our huskies and us as we navigate through this difficult time, are:

  • Purchasing a voucher for a future visit, cabin rental or products from our shop
  • Ordering our herbal and natural health care products and crafts
  •  Signing up for our other activities such as upcoming online courses and webinars but also herb walks (for the local folk)
  • Other upcoming projects and offers we are continuously adding to our offer as we change and refocus our business and livelihood.
Stay in touch via our social media:


We just recently learned that our long time friend Lisanne from the Netherlands have organized a GoFundMe fundraiser for our kennel as a surprise!

Lis has worked here as a volunteer kennel help 10 years ago. She drove all the way to northern Sweden by herself in her pink car and she took care of our entire pack for 3 weeks alone!! while we had to travel abroad. And that started our long friendship, and Lis became a dear and dedicated supporter of our kennel ever since!

As a former professional animal care taker, Lisanne knows how much work and dedication goes to the care of our canine family and immediately recognized that we may be in a need of help, while the global crisis hit the sled dog kennels focusing on tours and adventure programs as one of the first businesses.

While we would never dare to ask for donations, Lis´s so heartwarming initiative is already here (and so deeply appreciated!) that we will share the link to the GoFundMe page in case you would like to support us this way.
You can also read Lisanne´s story of why she chose to start the fundraiser and what her Swedish adventure meant and still means to her. You will need to use google translate, though :)

We invite all who donated and will donate to the fundraiser, to join our partnership facebook group as well, as that is the least we can do for you guys in return!
Just let us know your FB contact, so we can add you in!

Visit the GoFundMe Fundraiser HERE

T h a n k   Y o u !

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