Saturday, April 11, 2020

We Need Your Help - Partnership Program To Support Our Huskies

Dear friends, we need your help!

As the recent global crisis directly impacts the travel and tourism business branch, it unfortunately directly impacts our livelihood and we have suddenly found ourselves without the major portion of our income as of beginning of March. And while our winter husky tours and adventures came to an abrupt stop, bookings for summer programs and cabin rental are being cancelled. 
While we have been in a crisis before and have learned to survive, re-adjust, re-focus and re-direct, we know that this too shell pass, as we work around the clock to find solutions and alternatives.

We know that at the end everything will be ok, but while we navigate through these difficult times, it is our priority and duty to make sure our husky family keeps receiving the quality food, the health care and medicine, that ensures their continuous wellness and welfare. 

And that is why we need your help!

We have created a Partnership Program via which you can support our huskies during this crisis.

You can read all about it in detail HERE.

Please feel free to share and thank you for considering helping us!

We are sending you all much love -- Stay safe and Happy Trails!

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