Sunday, August 15, 2010


This morning as we were taking care of the dogs, I realized there was something special about this sunny, beautiful day.

In the sunlight I spoted little white fluff floating around in the breeze. The fireweed on the meadows, that surround our place, are slowly over with their blooming.

Breeze. There was something special about it too. It was cold and sharp and blew from the North. It carried a special feeling, a memory, a message.

Something about the air was different. The dogs were different. The grass, the trees, the flowers. All looked and acted differently. I noticed the yellow leafs on one of the birtches on our property.

When we were painting gates for the dog lot and Jachym was finishing the last dog house for the new kennel, the afternoon sun was warm and friendly, but it was chilly in the shade. Real chilly.

Later on, a bat circulated above the garden. I haven´t seen this fella since about August last year.

I put on a sweatshirt, but I was cold. So I added a warm vest. And a headlamp to go out and feed the dogs. Jachym had a dawn jacket on.

We fed the dogs underneath the starry sky, the street lights of Vedjeon went on and all these lights threw long and slim shadows. Gosh, how I missed the night sky!

Turning our headlamps off, we watched Casiopeia and the Big Dipper and Jupiter on the south-east sky, standing in the dark dog yard.

The dogs howled and it was a different song tonight. The song of the season´s change.

The fall is knocking at our door!

As I type, it is +7°C, which means only one thing - we´ll hook up the main string tomorrow morning!

Life is good!


bea's blog said...

What a beautiful post!
Lucky you!
I also love Fall a lot!
Still always follow your blog and enjoy it - have a lovely new week!
•●⊱╮• •●⊱╮• •●⊱╮•

Katerina said...

Thank you Bea, glad you liked it!
Have a great week yourself and give a rub to Gizmo :)