Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Art Work to help Wolves - and a little contest for you

One of the ways how I found out I can help the wolves and nature in general effectively, is by supporting the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Jachym and I have been active members of this wonderful and professional organisation for a long time. On a few occassions, we´ve "adopted" the Gray Wolf.

And since te wolves need our help a little more than ever right now, when Swedish government made the irresponsible decision of legalizing a hunt of wolves, which turned into a 2 day brutal slaughter and shocked the whole world, I´ve decided for a little extra action of my own, to support these amazing creatures, whose endangered species depends on us and our help.

I´ve decided to dedicate one of my art designs to the wolves. The original drawings with motive called "THE WOLF HOWL", from the Kipp d´Amundsen Art & Design collection will have a special edition with a little text added to it, showing the support of the cause.

From now on, for the whole year 2010, I will send 70:-SEK (or 10:-USD) from each Wolf Howl framed drawing I sell, to WWF, to help protect the grey wolf.

Every time five drawings are sold, and thus 350:-SEK or 50:-USD are raised and sent to WWF, I will randomly pick three of the purchesers who will win one of the three featured prizes: Either this beautiful 12 inch plush wolf, a photo print of gray wolf, or the practical bag, all from WWF, as a gift of apreshiation of supporting the wolves.

The "Wolf Howl" framed drawing makes a unique, warm-from the heart gift for anyone, and any occasion. Belated christmas gift, birthday gift, get-well, Valentine´s, name day, fathers day, or for no special reason or ocasion. You can simply buy it to please yourself, and to help the good cause.

The original, framed drawings cost 120:-SEK (18:-USD) plus shipping.

If you want to buy the drawing, please send your inquieries either in form of a comment to this blog entry, or to my email address, which you will find on the sidebar of the blog. Please specify how many pieces you want, and leave your name and shipping address. I will get back to you with the shipping cost (which depends on your location and weight of the package) and the total of your order. I will ship your order after receiveing confirmation of your payment, which can be done through online secure method by using PayPal, which accepts all the major credit and payment cards.

Please remember, that you can help save wolves and help to stop the wolf hunt by signing petitions, such as "Stop the killing of wolves in Sweden" , and other ones, listed in my previous blog entry. You can also become members of WWF and other organisations and active groups.

I would also like to ask you to spread the word and forward my offer and message to your friends and aquaintances. You can share this blog entry on Facebook or email it to friends.

Remember, that together we can achieve a lot more, than alone. And that every single one person´s effort and action adds a huge amount of help into the full cause!

We shan't save all we should like to, but we shall save a great deal more than if we had never tried.-- Sir Peter Scott (1909-1989), WWF founder

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I think that is a very nice thing you are doing. I have been a admirer of the wolf for quite some time.

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