Friday, November 13, 2009

Another walk through the frosty forrest

This year, puppy walks are a huge part of our daily activities. To me, there is no better way of spending time outside, besides training dogs, and it is my favourite way of excercising myself at the same time.
I do have to admit, though, that without Helena´s help, it would be a bit tough, given our this year´s hectic schedule, to take the proper care of and give the needed excercise to all the 15 puppies, as they grew to the age, when they demand more activity, more human contact and bonding. With two litters outside now, and the youngest ones (the "I" litter) inside, it is somewhat "evenly" spread :)

These are the "CH" guys (Star x Canuck), at 5,5 months already!
Chisana leading (as usual) her borthers and sister under the "gate bow", as we call this birch tree, bended over the trail. The "hill" on the right is a huge ant pile.

This is Chip (officially Chippewa Kipp d´Amundsen). Such a handsome, sweet boy.

Chilkoot loves to get belly rubs. He is a big guy with a golden heart.

Chisana seems to be chewing on something every time we take a photo of her. She is such a smart gal and reminds us of her mom Star more and more each day.

This is Lucky (Chatanika Kipp d´Amundsen). She can´t stay still for a moment. Ever :)


Anonymous said...

They have turned out to be really nice Siberians!!! My type of dog :)


Katerina said...

Thank you Richard :)