Thursday, November 12, 2009

Puppy Update: The "I" Litter @ 6 weeks

Without any doubt, Mouse and Nugget´s puppies are wearing the cutest status around here right now.

Since they´ve been so small right from the beginning, they seem to have developed a bit slower, in the sense of personalities. That they weren´t so pushy and competitive either, so they all acted like one :) It is only the past week, that they are starting to be naughty, comic, and - the typical puppy way filling up the house :)

The "white" pile

Mouse had a rebelious period, but after some convincing from us, she started to take care of her babies properly again :)

And here are the seven little cuties, with a bit of their personality description:

Indian Summer
One of the calmer, nicer sisters. She was a bit "unsocial" with humans in the beginning, but lately became one of the biggest kissers and huggers :) Totally adorable little girl, whom many fall for, including myself.
Smart, fast, widely opinionated and wild! She is the dictator of the litter and she likes to put everyone into their place, as well as challenge the others for some puppy wars. Whomever invented mischief, had to have Ikiaq in mind :) Totally lovable little monster!
This calm, sweet and very gentle, kind natured and sensitive boy has a living hell with his sisters. Being the constant object of their brutal attacks, picking on, torture while he sleeps and other mischevious acts, he learned to seek the protection in my arms. Helena and Jachym often tease me for spoiling him. Ok, let´s admit it, he is becomming mama´s boy :)
His role is being the big brother, watching over Iceman. He is a goregous little brat with a kind heart and reminds us more and more each day of his daddy Nugget, whom he undoubtadly inherited his big heart from. Inuk is wherever I am, he follows me like a shadow, which is another feature that his daddy had in the same age. Inuk is simply human-adict :) Very inventive little guy too.
Our little foxy-girl is the sweetest and nicest from the girls. She has this wise and calm intelligence glowing from her nearly black eyes. Sweet to the bone and smart like a fox.
Seems to be her great-grand uncle Ford in trasformation. Intelligent, quiet, yet strong and willing to show her position and opinion, when necessary. Independent, yet cudly, crazy yet wise looking. A definite favourite around here!
If Iluq is our good old Fordy in transformation, than Inuit is her grandpa Lass. The resemblance of looks combined with personality, is scary! Inuit is also a freaky copy of her mom Mouse. What a strong gene of our first litter! Funny, with a wicked sense of humor, a non-stop energy ball, smart, inventive and mischevious. She sure knows how to wrap everyone without exception around her little paws.¨

Gosh, it´s getting harder and harder with every litter, to let anyone go! :)


Anonymous said...

They are very cute. When they are puppy's they seem to have a different lovable way about them.

Ivana said...

They are like toys! Why I am always so unlucky to see the puppies or just born or in adolescence age? Mom

Katerina said...

I agree, Rick. They seem like two different beings - when they are puppies and then when they are adult athletes, running through snowstorms, pulling the sled.

Katerina said...

Well, mom, I think that´s because you never come here in the "right time" :) Just kidding.

You have to plan it out better next time :) Or mabye you´ll be comming for Christmas and still see them cute and fluffy? Anway, do not complain too much, you saw Star´s babies when they were just a few days short of their 3months "birthday" :)