Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Kipp d´Amundsen Jr.Monsters aka The Poll Results

Our friend Roman took these wonderful pictures, which I could not possibly resist sharing with you :)

Left to right: Chignik, Chippewa (aka Chip) and Chisana


Chignik, Chip and Chisana

Lucky (Chatanika). There can´t possibly be a dog with darker eyes!

Chip with his mom Star

Lucky says: "Move over, bro, I´m comming in"

Aparently, Chip didn´t move over so Lucky found herself another house :) That is just simply our little Lucky - she finds a solution to everything. Without emotions. We all could learn from her!

I just realized that I haven´t posted the latest poll results, as to "which monsters will stay with the Kipp d´Amundsen Team". Well, actually I know the poll has been closed for a while now, but I just couldn´t bring myself to deciding on which one of the girls to let go.
But since the first two guys are leaving in couple of days, I will no longer keep you wondering.
So with no further due, let me announce, that whomever voted the option:
Chatanika, Chippewa and Chisana, was right!
Congratulations! I was impressed to find out that majority of you chose this option. A full 33%! Wow! How did you know, when I didn´t even know?
Anyway, the decision to let Chuchinka go will haunt me in my sleep for a long time, but that is another story.
Thank you for voting and stay tuned for another poll! We are also preparing a little contest with prizes, so make sure to check back for details!

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