Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What´s for breakfast?

Home Made Müsli!

Ecology, our aproach to health and nutrition, also a bit of economy, and our own taste lead me to composing our own müsli blend (or brand? :)).

Using organic quinoa and oat flakes, mixed with a little bit of corn flakes and dried fruits (such as cranberries, rasins, apricots, bannanas, pineaple), nuts, almonds (slightly crushed in a mixer), crushed flax seed, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, blended with dried wheat germs and topped with a handful of fresh strawberries right from the garden.

In our eyes, no commerical brand beats this :)

We like to pour over sour milk (kefir or fil in Swedish) or plain jogurt.

After our gradual transition from regular pasta into whole-grain, white rice into wild, from buying bread into baking it, from white sugar to brown, wheat flour to graham and spelt, this was naturally another step to not only healthy eating habbits, but also the "rustic rugged wilderness" lifestyle and freedom, we love and promote so much.

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