Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's billions of hairs, hectoliters of water and dozens of dog kisses?

Correct answer: Maintenance day at Kipp d´Amundsen kennels! :)

That´s where yesterday found us. Brushing out blowing coats, changing water, washing the kennel floors, replaicing straw where needed, and cudling, snugling, petting, belly rubbing and other associated stuf.

Actually, we did a lot more than that. We got 7 first houses ready, washed the wooden floors from the old kennel building, desinfected the puppy kennel and placed seven dogs out to the new dog lot.
It isn´t entirely finished as we need to bring in some more gravel (we miscalculated a bit), fetch five more pallets and build two more houses. And fence the whole lot eventually, before we move onto redoing the old lot. We documented the whole process, from day one of the project till the end, so we have enough material for a special post on that. Stay tuned! It starts to look real nice :)

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